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Electro Body Sculpting
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Electro Body Sculpting is a new safe and exciting way to work out for men and
women.  This treatment helps you lose fat, lose inches, tighten skin, tone muscles,
release toxins, reduce cellulite, improve circulation and strengthen muscles.

This safe and fast acting electro body sculpting will help you get stunning and
measurable results!   Areas that most clients focus on are biceps, triceps,
abdomen, pectorals, buttocks, thighs, and calves.

The concept of this treatment uses advanced science technology that uses very
mild electrical currents to exercise your muscles.  Our electro body sculpting
machines electrical source stimulates the nerves to send these signals to your
muscles to contract.

This is achieved by passing electrical currents through electrode pads placed over a
muscle which are wired to our calibrated machine, you determine the settings that fit
your comfort level.  

The treatment consists of three components, the First  component works on deep fat
cells, which helps eliminate cellulite, these fat cells are agitated and open up to get
rid of toxins.  Second component, burns calories and firms and tones muscles.  Third
component, increases circulation and tightens the skin surface, also assisting in
reducing cellulite.

One session is equivalent to a 6-hour workout in the gym, lay back and relax, while
the electrodes work for you, toning, firming, and burn calories!  

•        Toning muscles
•        Reducing cellulite
•        Weight loss
•        Increasing circulation
•        Toxin release

This breakthrough treatment uses electro-stimulation to attack fat at the cellular

Safe and fast acting, electro body sculpting will help you get stunning and
measurable results.

Build strong, defined muscles with our non-invasive, non-surgical treatment.
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